Welcome To The Ministry Advantage Denominational Programs

Dear Pastor/Business Administrator:

Are you interested in helping your ministry increase your insurance coverages and also reduce premiums?  We can help.

The Ministry Advantage Denominational Program allows ministries to band together as an insurance purchasing group. This enables the group to buy insurance with greater negotiating power than what is currently available to them on an individual basis in the marketplace today. Most ministries see a 18-22% savings on average while greatly improving their coverage.

Advantages of an insurance purchasing group include:

  1. Creating tailor-made coverage
  2. Obtaining price stability
  3. Implement risk management & loss prevention programs
  4. Utilize enhanced customer services
  5. Leverage your insurance dollars to do more for you and your ministry


Existing Denominational Programs include:


For more information on how the Ministry Advantage Denominational Program  can help your ministry, please contact:

Jim Ketring




Ministry Advantage

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